Thomas Francis Dicksee

British, 1819 - 1895


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Cleopatra  by Thomas Francis Dicksee
Ophelia  by Thomas Francis Dicksee
Oriental Pastime  by Thomas Francis Dicksee
Oriental Pastime
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Thomas Francis Dicksee was a painter of portraits and historical genre, who studied under H.P. Briggs, the portrait painter. He exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1841 and 1895, at the British Institution and the Royal Society of British Artists. Most of his subjects were Shakespearean and he also produced some historical and pure genre pictures. Titles include Crochet Work, Lucretia and Antigone. The picture of Ophelia shown below is possibly a smaller version of Dicksee's Royal Academy picture of 1859.

Dicksee was also part of a whole dynasty of painters, including Francis, Herbert Thomas and Margaret.


Joy, Thomas Francis Dicksee
Restrike Etchings  
Sorrow, Thomas Francis Dicksee
Restrike Etchings  

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